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CQR 2012 Strategic Track Presentations

Tuesday May 15

Segment 1: Smart Networks

Segment Chair: Andy Rollins, Nokia Siemens Networks
Quality, Reliability, and Security for Smart Networks




"Network Evolution, Cloud & Future Services: Opportunities & Challenges for Next-Decade Services"

Hossein Eslambolchi, 2020 Venture Partner



Session 1 - Characterization and Needs

Session Chair: Rick Krock, ALU



Session 2 - Security

Session Chair: Tara Timblin, Symantec



Session 3 - Executive Panel

Panel Leader:  Kelly Krick - Ericsson

See the CQR 2012 Panel section below.


Wednesday May 16

Segment 2: Analytics

Segment Chair Intro  Mike Stewart, Syniverse




"Transforming SP Business via Software Powered Networks"

Chris Metz, Cisco



Session 4 - Real-World Analytics

Session Chair: Fran Walton, VZW



Session 5 -Emerging Technologies

Session Chair: BJ Neal, Syniverse



Session 6 - Monitoring Methodologies

Session Chair: Koichi Asatani, Kogakuin  University



Session 7 - Distinguished Expert Panel

Topic: Over the Top Video Rising to the Challenge

Leader:  Carol Davids, IIT

See the CQR 2012 Panel section below.



Session 8 - Operations Panel

Panel Leader:  Chris Mayer, Verizon

See the CQR 2012 Panel section below.

Thursday May 17

Segment 3: M2M

Segment Chair Intro  Mark Adams - Cox




"The Rise of the Machines: Exploring Quality, Reliability, and Security in a Machine Driven World"

David Geltner, CTO nPhase



Session 9 - M2M Overview

Session Chair: Brett Brock, Cox



Session 10 - M2M Quality and Reliability

M2M Technologies – The future is upon us. Is this stuff secure?

Session Chair: Bob Lesnewich - ACS



Session 11 - M2M Security

Session Chair: Jason Zabek, Cox

CQR 2012 Panels

Tuesday, May 15, 13:15-14:45 Wednesday, May 16, 14:00-15:15 Wednesday, May 16, 15:30-16:45
Executive Panel Distinguished Expert Panel Operations Panel


Session 3 Executive Panel
Tuesday, May 15, 13:15-14:45

Topic: Smart Networks – What is a “Smart Network” and how Smart are they?

Panel Moderator:
Kelly Krick - Ericsson


There is no definition of “Smart Networks” in IEEE or Wikipedia.  Thus, we have the opportunity to define it and make it work.  How is the Network Smart and how Smart is the Network?  How Smart are Smart Phones?  How does the network quality and reliability stay high while delivering the customer experience (QoS and throughput) that this expected? How do we get all these elements to play nicely together? With VOIP, browsing, applications, and video delivered over the same infrastructure, how do we know we are meeting subscriber needs?

The panel will address barriers that have been crossed as well as the hurdles to overcome to deliver a satisfying customer experience as we drive toward 50 Billion connected devices. They will identify actions to build capability, harmonize device-network-application performance, as well as secure and protect the customer experience.

Format: 10 min presentation from each speaker - key highlights and thoughts
             30 minutes Q&A (each participant will get questions to answer)



Session 7 Distinguished Expert Panel
Wednesday, May 16, 14:00-15:15

Topic: Over the Top Video - Rising to the Challenge

Panel Moderator:
Carol Davids -  Illinois Institute of Technology, Director Real-Time Communications (RTC) Lab


The growing volume of Over the Top (OTT) video traffic, sourced by such well-known providers as Netflix, Hulu and YouTube, and capable of being received by IP-enabled devices of all kinds including iPhones, Android devices, tablets, PDAs and PCs, presents challenges and opportunities to all network operators and in particular to the operators of mobile networks.  According to a recent Cisco study, video traffic accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic today and is projected to reach 70% within a few years. Bandwidth limitations, stalling playback and poor video fidelity can result from this rapidly growing segment of network traffic. Global Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), operator-owned combinations of CDN and Video on Demand (VoD), Adaptive Bit Rate technologies, video analytics and optimization applications at the mobile network's edge can mitigate the impact of OTT data and ensure a quality experience for the end-user and a viable business model for the network service provider.  This panel of experts will discuss OTT Video, its impact on mobile networks, and the business and technology options available to successfully meet the challenges and realize the opportunities.

Introduction/Overview by Carol Davids


Session 8 Operations Panel
Wednesday, May 16, 15:30-16:45

Topic: Operating complex networks that satisfy customers

Panel Moderator:
Chris Mayer, Verizon


As service providers pursue greater market share, revenue growth, and better margins they are entering new market spaces with emerging technologies and building complex network solutions which need to scale rapidly and operate with very high reliability. All of this in the context of dominant customer perceptions that innovation and value creation come mostly from devices and applications.  This continues to generate significant challenges for network operators and their solution-provider partners.

This panel is meant to complement discussion themes from the three workshop segments

Issues to discuss include:

  1. To decide or not to decide – knowing when you have enough data to act

  2. Combining network probe capability with sophisticated analytics and business intelligence

  3. Case study on Business Intelligence – getting critical data to the correct person in time to delight a customer or prevent an outage

  4. Understanding network operations from the end-customer perspective  

Format: 10 min presentation from each speaker - key highlights and thoughts
             30 minutes Q&A (each participant will get questions to answer)



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